...was born in 1996 as a central depository for a wealth of artistic and creative outputs. Over the years it has undergone a cyclic pattern of fading and reconstruction. With the latest surge of energy is once again reorganizing and rebuilding in a push for the ongoing retelling of one man's story.
...has worn many masks during his artistic career. Endeavors across the creative spectrum began with a core interest in visual and audible expression. Early on adm took to the pencil and the piano, later expanding to the brush and the guitar. While graduating from a prestigious high school art program he was composing both analog and electronic works.

The focus and dedication paid off with an acceptance to Oberlin College and Conservatory in Ohio. Here adm studied in the Technology in Music and Related Arts program with an emphasis on electronic multimedia. The opportunities at Oberlin allowed for expanding interests including computer programming. In 2000 he graduated early with a BM in TIMARA, a BA in Visual Arts, and a minor in Third Stream Computing.

Now, sitting on a pile of musical compositions, videos, drawings, interactive pieces, and paintings, adm takes a deep sigh and looks to organize his thoughts into future work.
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